RiverSoul Wellness Integrative Medicine & Medical Spa provides personalized, cutting-edge, natural wellness services tailored to your needs. It is a place where the focus is on what matters most to you: your overall health, wellness and vitality, inside and out. We specialize in:

  • Functional Medicine & Optimal Wellness Programs
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
  • Nutrition – Weight Loss, Food Allergy Testing and Supplements
  • Skin Care – HydrafacialTM Skin Treatment, Cosmetic BotoxTM and Fillers
  • NEW - Cosmetic Laser Treatments provided by Hulya's Med-Spa.  Call 301-828-1479 to schedule a free consultation and treatments.

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Experience renewed vitality with your custom-designed, physican-led program. Whether your goal is to resolve nagging long-term symptoms or to treat a severe medical condition, Dr. Janine Blackman can introduce alternative treatments to either complement or in some cases replace your existing treatment program. She makes recommendations based on your individual needs and aspirations.

Dr. Blackman also specializes in delivering interventions to prevent, delay, or in some cases reverse aging-related decline. As your inner vitality is renewed, we offer services to rejuvenate your outer vitality with advanced skin care treatments and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including Botox or Xeomin and dermal fillers including, Radiesse, Belotero Balance, and Juvaderm.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 301-828-1490 or email

News & Events
Free Seminar by Dr Blackman - Andropause, Menopause & Your Health - Unraveling the Controversies in Hormone Therapies for Men & Women - Two Saturdays Only - April 18 & May 9, 2015, 3:00 - 5:00pm  
RSVP required - Space is Limited.  Call 301-828-1490 or email:  drblackman.assistant@riversoulwellness.com. 
Age Defying Liquid Face Lift Spring Promotion (Special Savings until May 30, 2015).  Radiesse Collagen Stimulating Filler, Beloterro Balance, and Xeomin/Botox.  Customized for a natural look.  See attached flyer for more details.
Cosmetic Laser Treatments Provided by Hulya's Med-Spa
Call 301-828-1479 to schedule a free consultation and treatments.  
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Inflammation is a major cause of aging skin. Do you know what causes inflammation? It's not just a wound, insect bite, or allergic reaction. Chronic inflammation from everyday activities harms the skin gradually over time, says Rita Lee. Learn more here.
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“Knowing how to live – eat, think, move, rest, play and stress – in such a way that you’re sustaining a life of optimal health versus chronic illness, resiliency versus burn-out, robust living versus accelerated decline.” Dr. Blackman calls this “personal health intelligence.” Read more.
Healthy Detoxification 
Toxins build-up in our body and signi´Čücantly reduce our quality of life, often leading to the unnecessary use of prescription medications to treat the problems unknowingly caused by toxins. Contact us to learn more about the symptoms of toxic build up and what you can do to clear them from your body. 
Why Do I Still Have THYROID Symptoms? (When My Lab Tests Are Normal!) - Request Info
Learn about:
  • The true cause of Thyroid Symptoms and the Natural Approach
  • What mechanism causes 90% of Hypothyroidism in the U.S.
  • How this mechanism is not only destroying your thyroid gland, but other glands and tissues as well.
  • What missing lab tests are needed to identify your problem
  • Why simply taking thyroid medication may not impact your condition.
  • WHAT REALLY WORKS to improve your condition. Safely and Healthfully!

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